Trauma Release And Beyond!

What is EMDR?

All of us have experienced some sort of trauma. Unresolved trauma will always impact, in some way, our current emotional and mental health, as well as the health of our relationships. Trauma can be considered a "Little T", i.e., being called names on the play ground or hearing your parents argue at night or trauma can be considered a "Big T", i.e., rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence, war. The APA (American Psychiatric Association) considers EMDR as one of the most effective therapeutic tools for past trauma and PTSD. The military recognizes it as the only cure for PTSD. EMDR is highly effective with PTSD, however, one does not have to have a diagnosis of PTSD to benefit from working with any trauma via EMDR. EMDR can be used for past trauma, mental and emotional challenges and building cognitive and emotional strengths and resources. EMDR is particularly helpful in removing blocks to achievement, and building mental strengths and resources. Self-defeating behaviors, attitudes and beliefs can be modified, and replaced with high-functioning behaviors, attitudes and beliefs. If there is a challenge from learned "mental content" or experience, the tool of choice is EMDR. EMDR goes beyond past trauma or mental challenges. At least half of EMDR is done to also build your cognitive and emotional strengths and resources. EMDR is done face-to-face. For more information on EMDR, go to:

Individual Counseling/Coaching

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Individual counseling with the right therapist at the right time can be like finding gold. Making the decision to work with a therapist is a deeply personal decision and can be life changing on many levels. The relationship between client and therapist is extremely special and unique. It is not often that one takes the time to slow down, look at your life, yourself, your relationships, your circumstances, your challenges and strengths in a personal and supportive environment. Within this relationship you are able to explore your internal world while feeling safe, supported, and truly heard. 

​​Most of our relationships in the world are not focused solely on us, our own dreams, our own aspirations, our own grief's, worries, thoughts, feelings, yet, the therapeutic relationship actually is. It is based on you. It is your time.

Learning self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-soothing, self-empowerment, personal boundaries, and emotional self-responsibility can release you from the many personal issues we find ourselves in internally and externally. Please contact me to discuss how individual counseling may help you.

How many of us have found ourselves with anxieties, worries or depressed mood that we find it difficult to find a sense of joy in our daily lives?

How many of us suffer from a harsh critical voice that tends to run a dialogue in the back of our thoughts day in and day out saying hurtful things to us?, i.e., "how can you be so stupid?", "you are not beautiful, smart, funny (insert anything else) enough...", "you are never going to get this right"...?

How many of us deeply wish for peace of mind, ease, and a way to nourish and comfort ourselves?

How many of us have experienced some sort of trauma, large or small, and are in pain around how it continues to impact our lives?

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world-

as in being able to remake ourselves.


​Embracing Self, Embracing others, Embracing Life

Tracy Wikander, mft