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How many of us have found ourselves within our relationship with our significant other thinking, "here we go again, this same old issue an argument that we never seem to resolve"?

How many of us have found ourselves thinking, "if only he/she would change or do this or that, then I would be happy"?

How many of us have found ourselves at the place in our relationship in which we are "stuck" and don't know how to get out of the patterns that are creating pain for both partners?

How many of us are yearning for more connection and intimacy in our relationship?...or fire or fun?

Couples Counseling/Coaching

Each of us holds a piece of the truth


each of us holds a piece of the untruth. 


I have a strong love of working with couples and assisting in creating healthy, passionate, and fulfilling relationships. I have assisted couples in creating more intimacy, emotional closeness, skillful and effective communication, deeper understanding, self and other compassion, coming from a "we" place, remembering the beauty of why you came together, and creating a vision for your forward movement as a couple. I welcome and work with couples of all sexual and/or gender orientation. 

I am also pleased and very excited to announce that my husband and I have teamed together and created our new company, Couples Vitality, Fostering Vibrant Relationships. We offer relationship workshops and trainings both locally and internationally for couples and individuals. Please check out our website,, or go to the Workshops Tab above.

Please contact me to discuss how couples counseling/coaching may help you and your partner. 

Deciding upon embarking on couples counseling is a courageous step. Many couples will go through years of unhappiness or dissatisfaction before seeing a therapist and it is often at the point within their relationship that they can no longer ignore the need for some third party help. 

Couples counseling can be absolutely phenomenal, shifting your relationship from one of being at odds with each other to being allies. 

Learning positive communication skills in order to step off the hamster wheel of blaming and defending is essential. Learning a certain level of acceptance of your partner and halting the phenomenon of "trying to change the other person" will create a much greater level of peace within the relationship. Learning how to re-connect on a deeper level of truth can renew the passion and bring new vitality to your relationship.